White Horse Records & Publishing Company
an Independent Christian Music & Publishing Co.
Coming soon an all new website promoting White Horse Records & Publishing Co. and their artists and authors.

This company is devoted to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and literary publications. This is accomplished by recorded material, concert promotions, and publishing of literary materials such as commentaries, tracks, fact and fiction stories that are all composed to glorify the LORD. 

We always welcome suggestions and criticism as long as they can be substantiated by the Word of God and not an opinion of personal preference.

We seek to serve and do the will of God and believe that music as a whole, is amoral and the spirit and content determine the spirituality not the sound. We are not affiliated with any denomination.

May you be truly blessed by  the recordings and publications produced by White Horse Records... and may you find a deeper walk, comfort, encouragement and direction with the LORD Jesus Christ through them.  This is our prayer for you.
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Pacific Northwest Mountains
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